Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wetland Ecological Integrity Assessment report available

Ecological Integrity Assessments (EIAs) are multi-metric indices designed to be employed as either rapid or intensive assessments of wetland ecological condition. Practical and ecologically meaningful biotic and abiotic metrics are selected to measure the integrity of key ecological attributes. These indicators are rated and then aggregated into an overall score for four major ecological categories:
  1. Landscape Context,
  2. Biotic Condition,
  3. Abiotic Condition, and
  4. Size.

The ratings for these four categories are then aggregated into an Overall Ecological Integrity Score for each site. These scores can be used to evaluate current wetland condition and track change toward management goals and objectives.

Funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Colorado Natural Heritage Program developed seven EIAs for wetland types in the Southern Rocky Mountain Ecoregion. This project field tested the Subalpine-Montane Riparian Shrublands EIA in the Blue River watershed of Colorado.

The final report; Field Testing of the Subalpine Montane Riparian Shrublands Ecological Integrity Assessment (EIA) in the Blue River Watershed, Colorado, is now available on our reports page.

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