Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beaver - Castor canadensis

Beaver (Castor canadensis) are found throughout Colorado, sometimes even in urban areas. These large members of the rodent family are well known for their ability to change and control the hydrology of the streams where they live.

beaver lodge
Typical beaver pond with lodge in Hinsdale County, Colorado.

Although beaver dams and ponds are a common landscape feature in many of Colorado's higher mountain valleys, we don't usually think of finding them in the canyons of the eastern plains. CNHP Zoologist John Sovell took these photos of a beaver next to its den in the bank of a small stream in southeastern Colorado.

beaver next to bank den
Close up of a beaver next to its muddy bank den.  No gorgeous mid-stream lodges here!

beaver in SE Colorado
Off to find some lunch...

Here, instead of majestic aspen and mountain willows, a beaver must make do with coyote willow and cottonwood saplings.

beaver habitat in SE Colorado
What passes for beaver habitat in the riparian areas of the southeast plains of Colorado.

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