Tuesday, January 12, 2010

East Fork Park PCA receives conservation easement protection

Back in 1998, CNHP Ecologist Renée Rondeau led the Biological Survey of Mineral County, and one of the resulting Potential Conservation Areas (PCA) was the East Fork Park. This PCA contains both wetland and upland features that make it import to the biodiversity of the area. In particular, Renée noted that East Fork Park supports one of the healthiest riparian areas in Mineral County.

Douglas fir old growth at East Fork Park PCA (photo by Renée Rondeau)

Now, more than a decade later, we are very pleased to see, from the Durango Herald News, that East Fork Park has been protected through a conservation easement. Renée and our Director, Dave Anderson, had written a letter of support for this proposed conservation easement project last year at the request of the parties involved.

Our congratulations go out to the Southwest Land Alliance and the McCarthy family for completing this conservation easement. We are delighted to be reminded that CNHP's inventories are important testimonies to conservation actions.

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