Friday, February 12, 2010

8 New Job Openings - Wetland Ecology Field Technicians

We are starting to ramp up our recruiting for seasonal fieldwork, and are looking to fill eight new seasonal positions; 2 Lead Technicians and 6 Field Technicians.

Lead Technicians (2) will aid the Principal Investigator with pre-field season logistics and planning, such as securing permission to access survey sites on private land, preparing field maps in ArcGIS 9.3, preparing field supplies, etc. During the field season, Lead Technicians will work with field technicians to carry out the tasks listed below and will be the point of contact between the Principal Investigator and the field team. Two Lead Technicians will be hired, one to work in the North Platte River Basin and one to work in Colorado and Utah. Position timeframe: April–December 2010.

The Field Technicians (6) will be responsible for collecting data in wetlands as part of three separate wetland condition assessment projects (Rio Grande National Forest, North Platte River Basin, and locations in Colorado and Utah). Data will be collected using both rapid assessment protocols and more in-depth vegetation surveys. Fieldwork will involve extensive collection of vegetation, soil, and environmental data, and detailed completion of field survey forms. Successful applicants will navigate to randomly selected wetlands in both remote areas that require multi-day backcounty trips and agricultural areas such North Park. Six Field Technicians will be hired. Position timeframe: Four positions from June–September 2010; two positions from July–August 2010.

Closing date is March 31, 2010. For more information about these positions and how to apply, please see the announcement on the Employment and Volunteering page of our website.

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