Thursday, January 13, 2011

CNHP's Wetland Program Plan

CNHP's Ecology Team recently prepared a Wetland Program Plan documenting our goals for wetland work over the next five years. The plan is a road map to answering questions about wetlands that people around the state have been asking for decades, questions like:
  • What kinds of wetlands occur in Colorado?
  • How many acres of wetlands exist in Colorado and where are they located?
  • What is the condition of Colorado's wetlands?
  • Which of Colorado's wetlands are most significant?

At the start of the planning process, CNHP's Ecology Team decided on a mission statement that would guide our work in wetlands:

To empower public and private partners by providing science-based information on the types, extent, location, condition, and biodiversity significance of Colorado's native wetland ecosystems.

Following that statement, the plan details six strategic directions and numerous action items that CNHP will undertake over the next five years and beyond. Some action items are part of already funded grants and contracts, while others are proposed ideas for which we will seek partners in the coming years.

Read the full plan.

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