Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CNHP Completes Data Exchange with NatureServe

CNHP is a member program of NatureServe.  NatureServe has 82 member programs in Canada, the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The power of the network lies in its consistent use of heritage methodology. Local data are collected and ranked in similar fashion by member programs, and as such, are scalable at national and international levels. Data exchanges between NatureServe and member programs ensure that the entire network has up-to-date information on species’ global imperilment ranks and conservation priorities.

Earth from space

In September 2012, CNHP exported and delivered data on Colorado’s rare and imperiled species to the NatureServe office in Arlington, VA. By December 2012, CNHP received the data back from NatureServe, complete with the latest international ranks and taxonomic information, and integrated the changes into Colorado’s BIOTICs database. This is likely our last data exchange. NatureServe is developing an online database which will replace the current data exchange process and provide real-time data synchronization in the future!

Map of Natural Heritage Member Programs

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