Monday, December 4, 2017

Talking Myrmecophily: Tristan Kubik Presents His Findings at the High Country Lepidopterists Society

The High Country Lepidopterists Society hosted their 28th annual meeting at Colorado State University this December, and CNHP had a representative presenting his research and pal-ing around with the who’s-who of Colorado’s butterfly biologists. Undergraduate Tristan Kubik, who has his research project “Facultative myrmecophily in the hops blue butterfly (Celastrina humulus)” in review in the journal Entomological News, presented his findings to an audience of approximately 30 entomologists. Tristan conducted this research prior to his sophomore year, and has since developed research to study firefly populations along the Front Range of Colorado. He has proposed population sampling for the rare honey ants of Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs. Congratulations, Tristan!
Dr. Paul Opler displays the conference program and introduces Tristan.

Tristan acquaints an audience of lepidopterists to myrmecophily.

Tristan talks about the variety of ants seen tending hops blue butterfly larvae.

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