Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CNHP botanists preparing for 6th Annual Colorado Rare Plant Symposium

This year’s workshop will be held on September 11, 2009, at The Ranch in Loveland. Held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Colorado Native Plant Society (CoNPS), this symposium brings together professional and amateur botanists from around the state to share information about Colorado’s rarest plant species. The meeting is organized by members of the Colorado Rare Plant Technical Committee, an ad-hoc group of agency and NGO botanists that has been working for many years to advance rare plant efforts in the state. CNHP provides the latest information from our BIOTICS database as a starting point for the annual assessment.

Ipomopsis globularisIpomopsis globularis (G2) is one of the species that will be highlighted at this year’s meeting. Photo by Georgia Doyle.

The symposium will include a photo review of globally imperiled (G2G3) species known predominantly from northern Colorado for discussion of their current status and potential threats, as well as a review of species highlighted at previous year's symposium.

The meeting is open to any one with an interest in the rare plants of Colorado. Contact Jill Handwerk for more information at (970) 491-5857 or jill.handwerk@colostate.edu. There is a nominal fee of $10 to attend. To register visit the CoNPS website.

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