Thursday, August 20, 2009

Threatened and Endangered Plant Species Data Development and Field Surveys

Jill Handwerk and Peggy Lyon, CNHP Botanists

An on-going partnership between CNHP, the Colorado Natural Areas Program, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service develops and manages biological and conservation data on federally-listed Threatened, Endangered, and Candidate plant species occurring in Colorado, integrating all element occurrence data into a single comprehensive source.

Cryptantha gypsophilaCryptantha gypsophila

In 2008, element occurrence data for eight threatened and endangered plant species and one petitioned species were updated: Astragalus humillimus, Eutrema penlandii, Sclerocactus mesae-verde, Spiranthes diluvialis, and Oenothera acutissima (petitioned). Field surveys were conducted for additional candidate and potential candidate species including Astragalus equisolensis, Cryptantha gypsophila, Lygodesmia doloresensis, Physaria pulvinata, and Phacelia submutica.

Lygodesmia doloresensisLygodesmia doloresensis

Data were provided to the USFWS and CNAP via an ArcMap Hyperlink Tool which links spatial data to associated detailed tabular information for each element occurrence.

Physaria pulvinataPhysaria pulvinata

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