Thursday, September 10, 2009

Covering Colorado and beyond...

Every county in Colorado has been a part of CNHP projects. Since 1993, we have completed more than 50 projects with a study area at the statewide level or greater, and more than 250 projects covering smaller areas of Colorado (see map below). Project area sizes may be as small as a few acres, a county, a local watershed, or as large as the eastern plains and the southern Rocky Mountains. Park, El Paso, and Boulder counties top the list with more than 30 projects each in addition to their inclusion in the statewide tally.

CNHP projects by countyNumber of projects by county.
This does not include all of our statewide and larger projects.

CNHP is committed to making our project documents available to the public whenever we can. Visit our Documents and Reports page for electronic versions of reports currently available, and check back periodically as we gradually add both new and older publications.

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