Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Renée Rondeau receives award from CSU

CNHP Ecologist and Conservation Planning Team Leader, Renée Rondeau, was presented with an award on October 6 for her outstanding role as Staff Co-Chair for the 2008-2009 CSU Faculty-Staff Drive.  This annual fund drive raises money for important CSU programs, including non-profit programs within the University, such as the Colorado Natural Heritage Program. It also provides a critical yardstick for outside funding agencies to evaluate how well those of us within the University believe in and advocate for the opportunities we offer.

Renée Rondeau receives award from CSU
From left to right: Ken Wilson, Fish, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology Department Head; Warner College of Natural Resources Dean Joe O'Leary; Renée Rondeau; Sara Colorosa, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, University Development; and Scott Webb, WCNR Director of Development.

As Staff Co-Chair, Renée shared why she believes Colorado State University is such a wonderful place to work, teach, and learn.  She visited donors, thanking them personally for their contributions to CSU, as well as voicing her support in the Drive brochure and thank-you letters. 

"It was a true pleasure working with her." said Sara Colorosa, Assistant Director of Annual Giving for CSU, who presented Renée with the award during CNHP's most recent staff meeting.

Renée Rondeau receives award from CSU
Renée tells Scott Webb and Sara Colorosa why she is passionate about her work and why charitable giving for causes you believe in is so important.

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