Thursday, December 17, 2009

Field methods - field photography

Some of the rare plant species that CNHP keeps track of are not only low in numbers, but also in stature. When we document locations of these species, we often make a photo record as well. For some reason, the most diminutive species often seem to require comparison with a common object in order to fix their true size in our consciousness. In other situations, we may want to record the dimensions of a feature that is key in plant identification.

Measuring the spines on a hawthorne

Although the most useful technique would probably be to carry a small ruler that photographs well in all light conditions, and is easy to clean, it appears to be more common to use a variety of objects from one's pockets. For example;

The classic Swiss army knife -

Botanist's hand lens -

Spare change -

...and, of course, snacks -

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