Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Introducing the Peggy Lyon Collection at the Ft. Lewis Herbarium

CNHP Botanist Peggy Lyon has donated her personal flora collection representing over 480 species to the Mountain Studies Institute. The Peggy Lyon Western Colorado Flora Collection is to be housed at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. The Fort Lewis College herbarium is an internationally registered collection with current holdings of approximately 15,000 specimens of vascular plants and fungi, principally from southwest Colorado and the San Juan Mountains.

Peggy Lyon
Peggy the Explorer

The Peggy Lyon Collection represents vascular plants from throughout Colorado's western slope, collected by Peggy from 1993 through 2008. Following in the footsteps of intrepid lady botanists of years gone by (e.g., Alice Eastwood and Kate Brandegee), Peggy is leaving a lasting legacy of her tireless efforts to identify and catalogue the flora of western Colorado.


Anonymous said...

does anyone catalog the eastern plains of CO?

Colorado Natural Heritage Program said...


We're not aware of any collections specific to CO eastern plains that are maintained as a discrete unit and not integrated into an herbarium collection.

Most regional herbaria house collections for the entire state, including the eastern plains. Within these collections, certain contributors may have specialized in Colorado's eastern plains.

The CU herbarium (http://cumuseum.colorado.edu/Research/Botany/) has a database that allows searches by county and by collector name. And for reference books, Weber and Wittmann's Colorado Flora has separate volumes for east and west slope.

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