Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Center for Native Ecosystem's Mile High Bash

On Friday, the Center for Native Ecosystems (CNE) hosted their annual fundraising event, the Mile High Bash, held at Invesco Field in Denver. CNHP Director and Chief Scientist, Dave Anderson, and his family attended the event. Since CNE started in 1999, CNHP has worked with their staff on endangered species science, climate change, wildlife corridors, and other priorities that we share. Congratulations to CNE for 10 successful years!

This year's keynote speaker was Joel Sartore, a renowned photographer with National Geographic. The focus of much of his work has been photography of rare species, with the goal of increasing public awareness about the ongoing extinction event caused by humans. Joel's presentation included numerous photos from his new book- "Rare- Portraits of America's Endangered Species," which features striking photos of many vanishing and vanished species. Joel's website tells more about the book and includes a fun video promoting the book.

 Dave Anderson and his daughters meet author Joel Sartore. Photo by Keith Anderson.

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