Monday, April 7, 2014

Rob Schorr wins 2014 CSU AP Star Award!

CNHP Zoologist Rob Schorr was the recipient of a CSU AP Star Award! The AP Star Award was created to express appreciation by recognizing the accomplishments of administrative professional (AP) employees who have demonstrated outstanding individual performance at CSU. The goal is to recognize AP’s who make a difference and “shine” in our CSU community.

CNHP Zoologist Rob Schorr accepts his 2014 CSU AP Star Award.
Rob has an acute gift for recognizing and seizing opportunities and he did just that when he presented his idea for a new Colorado brewed craft beer to Odell's Brewing Company which eventually came to market as “Celastrina Saison”. This name is based on the rare Hops Blue Butterfly (Celastrina humulus), which was the source of the inspiration which led to a highly successful and novel partnership between the CNHP and Odell's Brewing Company. In addition to the successful partnership, Odell’s pledged to provide $1.00 for each bottle of Celastrina sold to a fund that would go to CNHP to study the butterfly. Odell’s was so pleased with the sale of Celastrina and the outreach effort that they presented Rob with a check for $12,000 to support research and conservation of the Hop’s Blue. Rob is growing this donation by turning this donation into an endowment at CSU that will be used to fund student research on the Hops Blue and has already lined up two honors students to begin doing research this summer, with plans to bring additional students on board. Rob is a truly exemplary member of our CSU community.

Rob showing off his AP star award.
Congrats Rob!

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