Friday, July 8, 2011

Adopt-a-rare-plant success

Earlier this year, a cooperative effort between the Colorado Native Plant Society, Denver Botanic Gardens and the Colorado Natural Heritage Program re-launched the Adopt-a-Rare-Plant program. This volunteer effort is aimed at revisiting “historical” locations of Colorado rare plants that have not been observed for 20 years or more. More than 30 people took part in training in March, and now reports are beginning to come in from their efforts. Ann Henson and Karen Hunter recently sent us some photos from their search for the Cathedral Bluffs meadow rue (Thalictrum heliophilum).

Two views of Cathedral Bluffs- what a panorama!

A couple of portraits of the adopted plant - you'd probably look a little scraggly too if you lived here.

 Yikes! It is a bit steep - time for botany by binocular?

Ann recording data.

 Karen searching - now where was that plant?

 The intrepid searchers back at camp, with a little light reading 
(Colorado Flora: Western Slope)
Yes, I think I can see the plant from here.

Well done Ann and Karen!

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