Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2011 Adopt-a-Rare-Plant Awards

The 2011 Adopt-a-Rare-Plant session wrapped up last month at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Accomplishments of the program in 2011 include:
  • Trained over 30 volunteers
  • Visited more than 25 sites
  • Relocated 15 occurrences that were previously ranked "historical"
  • Volunteers contributed 275+ hours to the program
Three volunteers were recognized for their efforts:

Ann Henson - Joint award (Adopt-a-Rare-Plant and Rare Plant Monitoring Stewards
Ann adopted the Cathedral Bluffs meadow rue (Thalictrum heliophilum). She visited and updated two occurrences in the Cathedral Bluffs area, and collected seed for the Center for Plant Conservation. Ann was also instrumental in revitalizing the program for the benefit of Colorado Native Plant Society members, spending 50 hours on program activities.

Brad Klafehn  
Brad adopted Rothrock's Townsend daisy (Townsendia rothrockii) and visited all three of his adopted occurrences, spending 45 hours on program activities.

 Rothrock's Townsend daisy
Suzanne Wuerthele 
Suzanne adopted the Hoosier Pass ipomopsis (Ipomopsis globularis), and visited all three of her adopted occurrences. In addition to spending more than 30 hours on program activities, she was the first volunteer to submit her data!!

Suzanne in Hoosier Pass ipomopsis habitat (not exactly at Hoosier Pass)

Hoosier Pass ipomopsis closeup.

Thanks to all the volunteers!
For information about the 2012 session, check our post from last week.

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pamit said...

Congratulations to the volunteers, and thanks for recognizing them! I hope to be a part of this program in 2012. --Pam in Golden, CO

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