Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Online Data Request Form

The CNHP Biological and Conservation Data system is used to evaluate projects for potential impacts to rare resources. By working early in the planning phase of a land management or development project we strive to avoid and minimize impacts while considering alternatives that allow projects to be implemented.

Information from CNHP's state-wide data system is available to the public, and can be used for conservation planning and to help facilitate the design and implementation of ecologically sound development projects. CNHP has worked with landowners, local planning departments, government agencies, consulting firms, and conservation organizations. New pipeline, roads, mines, and general conservation planning are excellent examples of projects where CNHP information has been of use. Learn more about the kind of data we have and our data request fee structure.

All data requests go through CNHP Environmental Review Coordinator, Michael Menefee. In addition to calling or emailing Michael directly (see our contacts page), we have recently implemented an online data request form. We hope this additional option gives you the flexibility to contact us in a way that best suits you. If you have any feedback regarding the online form, don't hesitate to let us know.

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