Thursday, February 10, 2011

Online Rare Plant Guide updated

Online Rare Plant Guide Screenshot

Our online Rare Plant Guide is a heavily used resource by area botanists, plant ecologists, and land managers. It was originally created as a set of static html web pages some dozen years ago as a companion to the 1997 hard-copy guide, and has sorely needed an upgrade for a while now. We have now completed the first steps of this upgrade! Please take a moment to look over our new and improved Online Rare Plant Guide.

A big thanks go out to Ryan Nelson, CNHP web intern, Garrett Pichler, CNHP Systems Administrator, and Michelle Kamandy, CNHP botany work-study, for making this upgrade possible. But wait, there's more! (or will be eventually) The current upgrade focused on bringing the look and feel of the guide in line with the rest of our website and improving navigation. Some content was updated (mostly the G and S-ranks and federal status for each species), but further updates, additions, and improvements are planned for the future, with a projected completion date of spring 2012. So stayed tuned, and please update your bookmarks if you link to our Rare Plant Guide. Thank you!

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