Thursday, June 16, 2011

New online data submission forms

The Colorado Natural Heritage Program tracks and ranks Colorado's rare and imperiled species and habitats, and provides information and expertise on these topics to promote the conservation of Colorado's valuable biological resources.   Data maintained in our central tracking database (BIOTICS) are an integral part of the Natural Heritage Network and play a role in ongoing research at CSU. These data reflect the observations of many scientists and institutions and provide a record of the current state of knowledge of Colorado's biodiversity.

These data are acquired from various sources, including you! If you have field survey data that you would like to submit for inclusion in BIOTICS, we now have online data submission forms to supplement the hard-copy field forms, both of which can be accessed here.  We hope these web forms make it easier for you to submit your data to us and, as always, we welcome any feedback about how the forms work for you.

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