Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two new species in Denver Botanic Gardens herbaria

We wanted to share the exciting (to botany nerds like us) news that specimens for two species new to science are now at the Denver Botanic Gardens herbaria. Herbaria are a valuable resource to botanists and mycologists for help in identifying species of plants and fungi and documenting where they have been found.

A brand-new species of mushroom, Smithiomyces crocodilinus, was found during the Soapstone Prairie BioBlitz that CNHP staff participated in back in 2009.

And a new wildflower species that was first discovered at Lone Mesa State Park also in 2009, has now been named Packera mancosana and its type specimen is available to visitors of the Denver Botanic Gardens Kalmbach Herbarium.


On an unrelated note, we have now implemented Blogger's mobile device template for the CNHP Blog. If you use a mobile device to read our blog, posts will hopefully now be easier to read. Let us know if you have any feedback on the change!

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